All HoloCare projects are based on actual clinical needs and are often also closely related to research projects. Below you will find an overview of research related to HoloCare.



Title Authors Year published
Use of mixed reality for improved spatial understanding of liver anatomy Egidijus Pelanis, Rahul P. Kumar, Davit L. Aghayan, Rafael Palomar, Åsmund A. Fretland, Henrik Brun, Ole Jakob Elle & Bjørn Edwin 2019
Mixed reality holograms for heart surgery planning: first user experience in congenital heart disease Brun, H and Bugge, RAB and Suther, LKR and Birkeland, S and Kumar, R and Pelanis, E and Elle, OJ 2018


Title Authors Year published
OP-14: Mixed Reality Holograms in Congenital Heart Surgery Henrik Brun, Tom Nilsen Hoel, Kjell Saatvedt, Sigurd Birkeland, Kathrine Suther, Robin Bugge, Rahul Prasanna Kumar, and Ole Jakob Elle 2018
An early assessment for the use of HoloLens during laparoscopic liver resections E. Pelanis, R.P. Kumar, Å.A. Fretland, O.J. Elle, B. Edwin 2018
Use of HoloLens during laparoscopic liver resections Pelanis, E., Kumar, R. P., Fretland, A. A., Palomar, R., Elle, O. J., Edwin, B. 2018
Mixed reality holograms for surgical planning in congenital heart disease :: Press Release H. Brun, RAB. Bugge, KR. Suther, C. Tannum, F. Rashidi, S. Birkeland, OLE J. Elle 2017
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