The project was commissioned by Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital


The challenge:

Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital is the leading  hospital in Physical Medicine and  Rehabilitation in Norway. The hospital offers interdisciplinary rehabilitation  after severe injury or illness. Many of the patients are paralyzed as a result of their injury or illness. Being paralyzed leaves the patients exposed  to a number of possible medical conditions, one of which are pressure ulcers.

Sunnaas Hospital has an obligation to offer treatment to patients all over Norway. However, traveling exposes patients with paralyzes a high risk of acquiring pressure ulcers. In order to deal with this challenge, Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital uses outpatient video conferencing between the patient`s home and the Hospital, in cooperation with the local home care nurses across the country. The outpatient video conferencing allows the specialist team at Sunnaas to observe the ulcer – but not tacitly explore it.

The solution:

This project set out to explore how pressure ulcer treatment can be improved over geographical distances. We do this by allowing the specialist team to explore the specific ulcer using a Microsoft Hololens and a holographic 3D model of the ulcer anatomy, before entering a video conference. By doing this, the specialist team gets a better and shared understanding of the ulcer, hence the possibility to provide better information, guidance and treatment options to the local home care nurses miles away.

Overall goals of the project:

  • Better collaboration
  • Increase quality in wound care treatment
  • Efficient use of the health care resources»