Visualisation of the 3D model on top of the patient's abdomen

PUBLISHED 13.05.2019

More efficient and safer bowel cancer surgery using holograms

This easter a Norwegian engineering magazine, Teknisk Ukeblad, dedicated a four-page article about the HoloCare project CTrue.

In CTrue holograms are projected directly onto the abdomen of patients that are going to be operated for bowel cancer. The hologram serves as a map for guidance and navigation during the operation. The aim is to avoid vascular damage, bleeding and other complications.

Project manager of CTrue Javier Luzon from Akershus University Hospital points out several advantages to using holograms instead of traditional methods, such as two-dimensional photos of 3D models or 3D printed models. The main advantage is that the surgeons get a feeling of having x-ray vision when they cut through the mesentery. The hologram can be moved, rotated and manipulated in size without the surgeon having to actually touch the model or equipment.

CTrue is now in a  technological validation phase, with several tests on phantoms. Hopefully, they will be able to start testing on patients soon. Dejan Ignjatovic, the project owner of CTrue, has a lot of experience from using 3D reconstructions for operations and is confident that using holograms also will work well.

The article is now available online. Read it here (ps: Article in Norwegian).