Five central principles of HoloCare

To ensure the integrity of the projects and products in HoloCare as well as to increase the speed to market, five principles have been developed and approved by the consortium. The principles ensure that the clinicians and their needs remain at the center of all development and that development follows a set of rules that maintain the quality of the applications.

  1. We base all development on actual clinical needs.
    In accordance with the strategy of HoloCare, the solutions should contribute toward
    improvement of treatment by giving clinicians tools for better decision-making
    before and during treatment. Therefore the needs of clinicians must be the startingpoint of any project.
  2. We include clinicial champions in each project.
    The goal of HoloCare is to develop solutions that can be used by clinicians in their
    daily work. To ensure that the solutions provide value to clinicians, each project has
    a clinical champion that gives the project invaluable insight and ongoing feedback
    that is crucial to meet HoloCare’s goals.
  3. We increase speed to market – our developers use common code
    The common codebase contributes toward more consistent deliveries and faster
  4. We cooperate with international renowned hospitals and academia
    Because of the experimental nature of the HoloCare projects, the success of
    HoloCare is dependent on close collaboration with researchers and clinicians in an
    international context.
  5. We offer licensing revenue to idea originators
    Because all development i based on ideas and needs of clinicians, a royalty model has been put in-place as an incentive for the clinicians.