What does HoloCare offer?


HoloCare Cloud
The HoloCare cloud solution allows clinicians to upload and access models of the
patient’s organs. The HoloLens can then access the images and display them for
the clinician before and during the surgical procedure.

Academic collaboration platform
The academic collaboration platform offers researchers and clinicians the possibility
to join or start their own research projects within mixed reality solutions for healthcare and segmentation of medical images. The collaboration platform depends on high ethical values of transparency, patientcenteredness and high quality in technology, research, and treatment.

Training applications
The training applications provide users with 3D models of organs that can be used for training and education.

Commercial applications
HoloCare will offer market-ready applications that can be used in planning and treatment of patients. The applications are a direct result of the development projects with clinicians. After clinical studies and tests in clinical environment, the commercial applications will apply for CE approval and be ready for commercial use.

HoloCare Partners
HoloCare depends on strong partnerships to extend the possibilities of mixed reality
solutions within the context of healthcare. Our partners include renown hospitals, research institutions and technology partners.


Do you want to take part in HoloCare?
At HoloCare we always strive to make our applications even better and user friendly for the clinicians. We are also looking for new clinical areas and use cases. Are you are a researcher or clinician and interested in participating in the HoloCare platform, please contact us here