Chasing holograms – the future of HoloLens development

Scott Leaman, mixed reality lead of Sopra Steria and HoloCare developer, gave a talk on this years NDC (Norwegian developers conference) in Oslo.

Innovation in public heath sector

During the HoloCare Conference, HealthTalk had an interview with Norway’s Minister of Digitalisation where he talked about innovation in public health sector. He says that the government invest billions of NOK in public health each year, which is an important driver for innovation.

“It’s like x-ray vision”

Project manager of OrthoNav, Ola Wiig, has been interviewed by the Norwegian Medical Association. In the interview Wiig explains how using HoloLens technology gives him a sense of x-ray vision.

Localization of tumor in the liver in less time and giving equal accuracy when using holograms

Researchers working with the HoloViz project, have published a study on increased spatial understanding of liver anatomy using holograms. The study shows equal accuracy of localization of the tumor in the liver was achieved in only ¼ of the time using holograms compared to using MRI.

More efficient and safer bowel cancer surgery using holograms

This easter a Norwegian engineering magazine, Teknisk Ukeblad, dedicated a four page article about the HoloCare project CTrue.