About us

HoloCare – Innovation Centre for Mixed Reality in Health, was established in March 2017 by The Intervention Centre at Oslo University Hospital and Sopra Steria. It was facilitated by Norway Health Tech.

HoloCare is the first innovation centre for mixed reality in the world. It is a unique public-private partnership, which serves as a common resource to build and share knowledge and solutions for future healthcare solutions, using holographic computing.

To ensure long-term commitment, HoloCare is organised as a consortium. The first hospitals to join HoloCare in 2017 were:

  • Oslo University Hospital, The Intervention Centre at Rikshospitalet
  • Oslo University Hospital, The Department of Children’s Mental Health at Ullevål
  • Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital, The Research department
  • Akershus University Hospital, The Department of Gastro Surgery
  • Østfold Hospital, The Research and Innovation department

New opportunities that include mixed reality and holographic computing are regularly added to HoloCare. HoloCare creates solutions for safer, better and more efficient patient treatments. HoloCare receives funding from Helse Sør-Øst and Sopra Steria, which makes it possible to develop great “proof of concept” applications. Such advanced technology may represent a paradigm shift in healthcare, and may change the way we practice medicine. To learn more about our different projects, see “Projects”. If you want to know more, contact us.


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