HoloCare will be present at EHIN 2018

On November 14th HoloCare will be present at the EHIN (E-health in Norway) conference. EHIN is Norway’s largest conference with focus on the digitalization of the health sector.

Different members from HoloCare will be present to talk about various topics:

  • Steering group leader of HoloCare, Ole Jakob Elle, will give a brief talk about the history of HoloCare together with John Berland.
  • Dr. Henrik brun, project leader of TruHeart, will talk about how HoloLens can be used in pre-operational planning for children with congenital heart failure.
  • Rahul P. Kumar, project leader of HoloNav, will take about how HoloLens can be used for pre-operational planning and navigation during laparoscopic liver surgery
  • Jan Ivar Ernø, project leader of Theraport, will talk about how it is possible to reach the unreachable by “teleporting” the therapist with HoloLens.
  • Javier Armando Luzon, project leader of CTrue, will present his work on creating a visual mapping tool for surgeons when performing high precicsion surgery with the help of 3D anatomical holograms in HoloLens derived from CT scans.

To see details on time and place for the event, please visit EHIN’s web page.