A project commissioned by Barneseksjonen at Oslo University Hospital (Ullevål)

The Challenge:

Several children with psychological challenges are not able to attend regular therapy.

The Department of Children’s Mental Health at Oslo University Hospital treats children between the ages of 4 and 14. Clinicians have experienced that several children are hard to summon for traditional therapy sessions. They want to explore how they can adapt the treatment to the child’s context, by using the advantage of children’s natural curiosity for technology.

The Solution:

This project explores what possibilities we have to facilitate patient-therapist interaction that is closer to a real-life situation, for children that are hard to reach. By combining advanced hardware and customised software, we aim to provide a holographic proximity in a shared context, to patients and therapists.

  • Improve meeting patients
  • Improve parents skills training
  • Improve staff training opportunities
  • Facilitate the development of therapeutic protocols




Project manager: Jan Ivar Ernø

Specialist in clinical child- and adolescent psychology at Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål


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