A project commissioned by Oslo University Hospital (Rikshospitalet)

The challenge:

The idea of using holograms for medical use is the easy part. Making it work is a whole different story.

The project started out with the challenge to transform CT/MR-images into 3D-holographic-models. The project grew to include an experimental application that brought the optimal mixed reality experience for surgeons to better plan surgical procedures. The vision of the project was to contribute to provide a solution where mixed reality could be used and interacted with during diagnostics, planning and even during surgery.

The solution:

The project provides a firm foundation to further develop surgical planning tools, and has contributed to applications for liver surgery, paediatric heart surgery and adult heart valve placement.

Overall goals:

  • Increase patient safety
  • Increase surgical efficiency in terms of time and cost

hva slags organ er dette



Project manager: Dr. Rahul P. Kumar

Postdoctoral researcher at The Intervention Center at Oslo University Hospital

Email: rahul.kumar@rr-research.com

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