A project commissioned by Sunnaas Rehabilitation hospital

The challenge:

At Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital, they treat patients with physical trauma or injuries. Some of these patients end up paralysed. If you are paralysed, you are also exposed to a number of possible medical conditions, one of which is pressure ulcers.

Sunnaas Hospital offers treatment to patients from all over Norway. However, people with paralysis risk getting pressure ulcers when they have to travel. To meet this challenge, Sunnaas uses video conferencing to communicate with patients and their home care nurses. A video conference allows the specialist team at Sunnaas to observe the ulcer – but not to explore it in detail.

The solution:

This project explores how specialist health care can offer pressure ulcer treatment regardless of geographical distances. HoloTreat helps the specialist team explore the specific patient’s ulcer, using a Microsoft Hololens and a holographic 3D model of the ulcer anatomy, before they start the video conference. In this way, the specialist team gets a shared understanding of the ulcer and can provide better information, guidance and treatment options to the home care nurses.

Overall goals of the project:

  1. Better collaboration
  2. Increase quality in wound care
  3. Contribute to increase user involvement
  4. Efficient use of resources

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Project manager: Ingebjørg Irgens

Consultant, PhD-fellow and innovator at Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital

Email: Ingebjorg.Irgens@sunnaas.no

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