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The challenge:

A group of colorectal surgeons at Akershus University Hospital perform D3 extended mesenterectomy. That means that they remove all fatty tissue anterior and posterior to the superior mesenteric vessels, in patients diagnosed with right-sided colon cancer and/or small bowel tumours. This implies that they have to operate within the vascular sheaths of important vessels, which supply blood to some parts of the bowels. The procedure is vulnerable, as it requires high precision and meticulous dissection.

Colorectal surgeons who perform right colectomy with extended D3 mesenterectomy spend a lot of time to get familiar with the patient’s individual central mesentery anatomy. To do that, they use 3D vascular reconstructions derived from CT scans. In this way, surgeons can precisely locate all vessels and navigate the tissue without encountering any surprises. In addition to these preparations, the operation itself also takes time. The challenge is to find efficient ways to use 3D vascular models to reduce the operative time used during cancer surgery to navigate the mesentery.

The solution:

This project wants to identify and develop efficient and precise navigation techniques to be used in the different modes of surgical access during colon cancer surgery.  The goal is to provide a visual mapping tool for surgeons when they perform high precision surgery with the help of CT based 3D anatomical holograms.

ctrue operasjon




Project owner:  Dr. Dejan Ignjatovic

Professor of Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, and Consultant Surgeon at the Department of Digestive Surgery at Akershus University Hospital.

Email: dejan.ignajatovic@ahus.no


Project manager: Dr. Javier Luzon

Clinical PHD candidate at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo and Resident Surgeon at the Department of Digestive Surgery at Akershus University Hospital.

Email: J.a.luzon@medisin.uio.no

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